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Where Dallas is Looking For Love

Using Craigslist’s Missed Connections, we plotted where North Texans are almost finding their perfect mates.

For the besotted and lovelorn, the missed connections portal on Craigslist offers a (long) shot at reuniting with the object of one’s affection. Earlier this year, Dorothy Gambrell, working for Psychology Today, sifted postings nationwide to determine where Cupid’s arrows most frequently fly in each state. In Oregon, she found that connections are missed most often on the bus. In Oklahoma, it was the state fair. In Texas (and a few other states), it was Walmart. We decided to zoom in. We examined postings from North Texas cities over a six-week period to determine where the hearts of Dallas-area denizens most often go pitter-patter. Here’s what we found.

Missed connections: 14  
Most common setting: shopping mall
“So I just moved into this apartment in Grapevine, and it was completely empty, or so I thought. I was trying to find something that I put up, and while searching I found this thong. I know there is a lady out there that left a thong here, and for whatever reason I started to wonder just who it belonged to. So if you are missing a thong, and it’s an ok thong (How am I to judge?). I don’t know if they’re expensive or not, but I’d like to return it to the rightful owner. My curiosity has got the better of me really. And while this is not a ‘missed connection’ in the definition, I find it as a missed connection. I am pretty close to Grapevine Mills Mall. Now I would need some sort of verification this belongs to you also. I’d post a picture, but that would just ruin everything. Good times. Let me know if this could be yours! I am assuming a guy lived here and hid it to remind him of an awesome night but that is just an assumption. I hope it wasn’t his, though. People are weird.”

Missed connections: 122
Most common setting: gym
“I see several very, very pretty full-figured girls as I drive US 175 at different times of the day. I sure would like to meet you. Tall, handsome, muscular gentleman with good Southern manners. Let’s stop for a drink and a kiss. My treat for both. (grin)”   

Missed connections: 3
Most common setting: gym
“Hey man. You come to my office fairly regularly. We talk about working out, our wives, our kids, your socks, your shoestrings, blah, blah, blah. I really want to talk about getting nekkid and nasty with you, buddy.”  

Missed connections: 14
Most common setting: restaurant
“You were sitting next to me in the Richardson public library on Thursday evening. I’m the guy who sneezed, causing a large amount of snot to spray onto my pants and the front of my coat. You were so kind, you helped me clean my pants and coat. You were prepared with those paper towels! LOL Anyways, I didn’t notice a ring on your finger. If you are married, then your husband is one lucky guy and please ignore my message and accept my sincere thanks. I was too embarrassed to invite you to have coffee with me or grab a bite to eat afterwards. You are definitely my type. Very intelligent and caring. I’m 25. I think you are at or around my age as well. You are so beautiful, just as much on the outside as the inside.”