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Where Dallas Guys Get Their Hair Done

Rob's Chop Shop and Hair by Charlie get these stylish endorsements.
By D Magazine |
Photography by Elizabeth Lavin

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[inline_image id=”2″ align=”l” crop=””]Clay Grier


photographer/videographer, tinkerboxstudio

Where He Lives:
East Dallas

Where He Goes: Rob’s Chop Shop

How Long: 7 years

Why He Goes: “It’s a great place. Rob was probably the only person in town doing cleaner haircuts like that—he always had the rockabilly reputation. My hair was down to my shoulders. I told him to put me somewhere between Morrissey and James Dean. Now it’s evolved into something more like David Lynch.”

[inline_image id=”3″ align=”l” crop=””]Julio Quiñones

Age: 35

Occupation: interior designer, Julio Quiñones & Associates

Where He Lives: Oak Lawn

Where He Goes: Hair by Charlie

How Long: 6 years

Why He Goes: “I have an interior design firm. I live in Oak Lawn. So looking good is part of the biz. I usually just get a rinse and a haircut. Charlie [Price] just knows what looks best on a person. What’s in style. Sometimes he surprises me, and I let him do his magic. He’s an artist. We are alike in our professions. When I create, I get to do rooms or a space. Charlie, his canvas is hair.”