The stylish, modern dining room at FT33 matches chef Matt McCallister’s beautifully decorated dishes. photography by Kevin Marple

The 100 Best Restaurants in Dallas

From upscale to down-home, pricey fare to cheap eats, here are the top dining experiences in the city.

Every dining critic has fielded the same question. “Which is the best restaurant in town?” For me, it’s a tough question. If I’m dining on my own dime, I have a favorite Tex-Mex restaurant and a favorite Thai spot. The same goes for other ethnic restaurants, burger joints, and barbecue shacks. So when someone asks me to name the best restaurant in Dallas, I usually dodge the question. But, here, I’ve decided to answer it. After I made my top pick, I added another 99 to make it a good, round number.

Click here to see the full list of the Best Restaurants in Dallas 2013.


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