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Other articles of interest in our September 2012 edition.
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Brendan Higgins

After a short hiatus, the dashing, silver-haired anchorman returns to morning television.
by Tim Rogers

Snapped Up

Here with the 2012 class of Dallas Scene Stealers
by Jeanne Prejean

Rocky Mountain High

Object of desire
by Todd Johnson

Rich Noir

Black is the new black again, but with a kingly twist.
by Kristi and Scot Redman

Face Off

The queen of Dallas facials has a new rival for her crown.
by Raya Ramsey

The Art of Activism

How challenges of wearing an orange jumpsuit to a Guantanamo protest.
by Teo Soares

After Hours

It’s unfair to characterize the Mayborn as a literary bacchanal. But let’s do it anyway.
by Tim Rogers

Outsider Art

Chicago’s Second City comes to Dallas to help us laugh at ourselves.
by Peter Simek

How to Get Ahead in Publishing

by Geoff Johnston