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The Best Financial Planners in Dallas 2012

Plus, the best wealth management firms.
By D Magazine |

How we did it: We asked every Certified Financial Planner in the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of the Financial Planning Association to cast an online ballot. Outside-firm votes counted more than inside-firm votes. Self-nominations were tossed out. A panel of esteemed local financial planners reviewed the list. Only CFPs made the list.

Click for our list of the best financial planners in Dallas 2012.


Baird Family Wealth Group   
Robert W. Baird & Co., Dallas, 214-373-2974

Bob Walker   
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Dallas, 214-696-7044

Cadent Capital, LLC   
Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., Dallas, 972-441-4554

Calandro Group  
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-969-2324

Carter Financial Management
Raymond James, Dallas, 214-363-4200

Cartwright Moran Group
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-969-2347

LPL Financial, Coppell, 214-637-9500

Christensen Wealth Management Group   
Wells Fargo Advisors, Dallas, 214-740-3229

Cornerstone Investment Services, LLC   
Cornerstone Investment Services, LLC, Poetry, 972-563-8990

Cypress Point Wealth Management 
Schwab, Dallas, 214-736-8887

Daniel McVeigh   
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-750-2041

Dickey Wright Sweeney Group   
Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, Dallas, 972-774-6759

Edwards-Carrion Financial Strategies Group   
Wells Fargo Advisors, Plano, 972-473-5961

Foster Investment Group
Wells Fargo Advisors, Fort Worth, 817-338-1401

Galbraith Group   
Deutsche Bank, Dallas, 214-740-7775

Gatlin Ibarguen Group   
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-969-2344

The HGG Group
Merrill Lynch, Plano, 972-422-6044

Jones, Cannon, and Associates   
Ameriprise Financial, Dallas, 214-420-7436

JWA Financial Group, Inc.   
JWA Financial Group, Inc., Dallas, 972-661-3355

Kindred Stephens Financial Group   
Kindred Stephens Financial Group, LLC, Dallas, 214-382-5301

Kravitz Group
UBS Financial Services, Inc., Addison, 972-450-4334

Mark Kever   
UBS Financial Services, Inc., Addison,  972-450-4358

The Maynard Group
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-750-2099

Mikeska Peschel McBee Group   
Wells Fargo Advisors, Dallas, 972-341-1081

Moore Group   
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Dallas, 214-696-7175

Nethery, Johnson & Associates   
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-969-2358

Park Cities Group
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Dallas, 214-696-7000

Pegasus Group   
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Dallas, 214-696-7140

Price, Dilworth and Associates   
Merrill Lynch, Irving, 972-830-6420

Quest Capital Management, Inc.
Quest Capital Management, Inc., Dallas, 214-691-6090

Robertson, Griege & Thoele   
Robertson,Griege & Thoele, Dallas, 214-360-7000

RSA Group   
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 972-386-1395

Russell W. Holley   
Merrill Lynch, Southlake, 817-877-9613

Shawn Nicholas & Mark Hagan   
UBS Financial Services, Inc., Addison, 972-450-4329

Sloan Wealth Management, LLC   
Schwab, Dallas, 214-720-7500

Spellman Meaney Group   
Carter Financial Management / Raymond James Financial Services, Dallas, 214-363-4200

The Stephenson/Baun Wealth Management Group   
UBS Financial Services, Inc., Dallas, 214-981-0528 

Talis Advisory Services, LLC   
Talis Advisors, Plano, 972-378-1794

United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC
United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC, Dallas, 214-520-1200

Westwood Trust
Westwood Trust, Dallas, 214-756-6900

Wilshire Wealth Management Group
Merrill Lynch, Plano, 972-384-2080

Yonack Group at Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Dallas, 214-468-7209


Carter Financial Management     
Raymond James, Dallas, 214-363-4200
Category of Excellence: Client Education & Customer Service Model

Calandro Group
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 214-969-2324
Category of Excellence: Client Education & Customer Service Model

Galbraith Group
Deutsche Bank, Dallas, 214-740-7775
Category of Excellence: Financial Planning

Dickey Wright Sweeney Group
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Dallas, 972-774-6759
Category of Excellence: Financial Planning

Jones, Cannon, and Associates
Ameriprise Financial, Dallas, 214-420-7436
Category of Excellence: Risk Management

RSA Group
Merrill Lynch, Dallas, 972-386-1395
Category of Excellence: Risk Management

The focus of the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) is to provide objective differentiation between financial advisory practices and through their evaluation process to help add transparency to the Financial Services Industry. Even though the NABCAP Premier Advisers’ list is comprehensive it should not be considered exhaustive and the following disclaimers should be considered: [a] To ensure the best interests of the investing public, NABCAP does not accept financial support from advisory practices, financial institutions, or the media in exchange for beneficial reviews, rankings, or industry insight. NABCAP is not affiliated with any adviser or financial institution participating in the survey. [b] Selecting a NABCAP Premier Adviser is no guarantee as to future investment success nor is there any guarantee that the selected financial advisory practice will be designated as a Premier Adviser by NABCAP in the future. [c] The inclusion of a financial advisory practice on the NABCAP Premier Adviser’s list should not be construed as an endorsement of the financial advisory practice by NABCAP or D Magazine. [d] NABCAP invites all advisers in a market to participate, but some that might qualify for the list don’t appear on it because they chose not to participate. If they had participated, other firms that did make the list might not have. [e] NABCAP screens candidates for regulatory compliance issues. Checks and balances are imposed to limit the inclusion of an adviser with a negative regulatory history or multiple client complaints. These checks and balances include: (i) NABCAP requires financial advisers to be registered/licensed financial advisers in good standing with state and federal regulatory bodies. In addition NABCAP requires financial advisers to be in compliance with their respective broker/dealer or affiliated representation. (ii) NABCAP reviews each financial adviser and support staff’s U-4 or ADV to verify their employment and compliance record. (iii) If an advisory practice makes the list with a settlement on its record, we recommend that investors inquire with the advisory practice as well with their supervisor for the nature of the settlement. [f] The supervisor survey is structured to make it equally easy for a respondent to give negative or positive responses and the method of calculating results incorporates both negative and positive survey responses. [g] NABCAP does not perform subjective analysis of the survey results but assigns numerical ratings based on questionnaire and survey responses, as well as third-party verification. [h] 25,000+ direct contacts were made via email and mail in Texas and indirect to subscribers for participation/nomination of participants. Premier Advisers list will not exceed 3.5 percent of each market’s financial advisory practices. [i] NABCAP created the methodology and process.  Rank Premier Advisors is contracted to administer the evaluation process. [j] All advertisements in the special advertising section were sold exclusively by D Magazine and not endorsed in any way by NABCAP.

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