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Views of the Calatrava Bridge

As the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge makes its grand opening, one photographer's view of what could become Dallas' new postcard image.
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photography by Scot Miller

Views of the Calatrava Bridge

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Scot Miller and his wife, Marilyn, own a fine art photography gallery in the Design District called Sun to Moon Gallery. From their Levee Street address, they watched the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge rise up from their backyard. Then, last summer, as the Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge was strung with cables, Miller began to photograph it. For four months, he lugged around a 50-pound backpack to shoot the bridge from every angle, at all times of day, in all weather conditions.

“From the outside looking in, the bridge oozes design elegance and structure,” Miller says. “But from the inside, beneath the arches looking up and out, a sort of organized chaos takes over. Cables going every which way don’t make nearly as much visual sense as they do from afar. I was fascinated by the interaction of light with the many angles.”
View this video that Miller created:

To coincide with the bridge’s opening this month and with the weekend celebration, Bridge-o-Rama, Miller will mount a show of his bridge portfolio from March 1 through April 28 at Sun to Moon Gallery (1515 Levee St., 214-745-1199). For details on Bridge-o-Rama, go to