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Restaurant Review: Blue Mesa

A disappointing family meal at the local chain's Addison location.
By Nancy Nichols |
photography by Kevin Marple

Owners Liz and Jim Baron have always been trailblazers. When they opened their first Blue Mesa in 1988, the restaurant was the first to offer tableside guacamole. The Barons were also buying from and supporting local vendors before it became a trend. The folks here are dedicated to giving back to the community. Fifty cents of every street taco platter sold is donated to local charities; so far, the program has distributed more than $122,000. I’ve always been pleased with the food, and I often recommend Blue Mesa’s inspired Sunday brunch. When my family decided to get together for a clan dinner, I suggested meeting at the Addison location. Sadly, we were disappointed. The kids were happy with a bowl of white cheese queso served with sweet potato chips, but the adults weren’t impressed by the lack of spice. And the tenderloin with chimichurri sauce would have been a thing of beauty if the meat ordered medium rare hadn’t been served overdone and hidden beneath a pool of sauce. Only after scraping it to the side could I appreciate the fresh flavors of parsley, mint, cilantro, and oregano. The Southwestern chicken fajitas were average and played well with the younger palates. But nobody would go near my mom’s platter of spinach and mushroom enchiladas covered with sour cream sauce. The two enchiladas flanked by a side of rice on black beans must have been heated under a broiler and left out in the kitchen. The top of the beans was shriveled, dry, and cold. We all grabbed the street tacos ordered by my niece. Not only were they warm and tasty, but we were assured that someone somewhere would benefit from our meal.

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