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The Best Steakhouses in Dallas

It’s been 10 years since we last rated the city's best bets for beef. After 44 steaks, 20 shrimp cocktails, and 4 gallons of wine, we remember why we do this only once a decade.
photography by Kevin Marple

photography by Kevin Marple

7. Bailey’s Prime Plus

Overall Score: 89.95
8160 Park Ln., Ste. 130.

Steak: Owner Ed Bailey has spent millions of dollars on extravagant interiors. All steaks come with asparagus and potato. Scores: filet (10 oz., $36) 95, New York strip (10 oz., $42) 96

Service: Friendly, reserved, and slightly distant. Despite the “ladies’ steakhouse” theme, she seemed disappointed to get a two-top of middle-aged women. The meal progressed at a swift pace, but the restaurant was almost empty. A busser removed our wine bottle before we’d asked for the label. I asked our server to retrieve the bottle. She was horrified. “You mean you want me to pull it out of the trash so you can take it home?” Yes, lady, we do. 85

Wine sell: Our server admitted she didn’t know wine and hailed the female sommelier. She asked a lot of questions but went straight to one wine: Edward Sellers Cuvée Des Cinq 2006 from Paso Robles, California, for $55. I would have enjoyed a more spirited debate, but she declared her love for this wine. I didn’t love the wine, but I loved that she picked an interesting wine $20 below our price range. 98

Shrimp: Three huge shrimp in a silver bowl with three sauces: hot and spicy red, a fiery remoulade, and a guacamole with cilantro that didn’t quite jibe with the other two. (U-10, $14) 90

Salads: Pungent buttermilk dressing enveloped chopped lettuce, cucumber, corn, red and yellow tomatoes, carrots, and marinated red onions. 93

Vegetables: All steaks are served with two stalks of crispy asparagus crisscrossed on the plate. An a la carte side of cream corn was more creamy than corn. 90

Potatoes: Forget the accompanying mashed potatoes, and order the mammoth baked sweet potato served with maple syrup, walnuts, tiny toasted marshmallows, and butter whipped with fresh orange zest. 94

Dessert: We tried only the three-layer red velvet cake, which was dry and tasted of the walk-in refrigerator. 70

Ambiance: Each of Bailey’s locations has a different over-the-top theme-park-chic decor. The location near NorthPark has one large dining room divided by a long canal of water surrounded by fake ficus trees. The decor might work better if the cavernous space was full of chatting customers. Every time we’ve visited, it has been empty, and you can’t help but stare at the opulent surroundings.  85

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