The Super Sized Football Stadium

Words seem inadequate in describing Cowboys Stadium—a monumental magnet for one monumental event.

By now, it’s probably no surprise that North Texas won the honor of hosting the 2011 Super Bowl largely because of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

But it may surprise you to learn that the entire Statue of Liberty (and its base) could fit upright inside the ’Boys’ $1.2 billion palace. And that’s with the roof closed!

Is it too early to declare the stadium—with apologies to that quaint little building down in Houston called the Astrodome—the Eighth Wonder of the World?

The House That Jerry Built, which opened last year, is the largest domed stadium on Earth, with 3 million square feet of space in total, 104 million cubic feet, and more than 300 luxury suites—the most of any NFL stadium. 

Want more superlatives?

Each end zone sports a 120-foot-by-180-foot clear-glass retractable door—the world’s tallest moveable glass wall. The high-definition TV screen suspended over the center of the playing surface is the world’s largest, too. The stadium also seats more than 90,000, making it the biggest venue to host a Super Bowl since the Rose Bowl in 1993.

What we’re trying to say—if you haven’t figured it out yet—is that Cowboys Stadium is big.


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