photography by Jeanne Prejean

Crystal Charity Ball’s 10 Best Dressed

The most honored women in Dallas society gather at Neiman Marcus.

On a recent afternoon in the couture salon at the downtown Neiman Marcus, ladies from the Crystal Charity Ball gathered to sip Bellinis and reveal this year’s eagerly anticipated (in some circles) 10 Best Dressed. The women were chosen by a vote of CCB members and presented as a prelude to the CCB’s annual luncheon in September. Like a parade of Kentucky Derby runners before post time, each of the 10 was announced and escorted, in turn, onto a small stage to be photographed. Some ladies in stiletto heels required assistance with the single step up. Neiman’s sales associates looked on like giddy sorority pledges. The 10 lovelies then took their places on the front row (from right, Ellen Winspear, Lee Ann White, Amy Turner, Nancy C. Rogers, Aileen Pratt, Kim Miller, Pat McEvoy, Claire Emanuelson, Robyn Conlon, and Nancy Carter). As they showed off their great gams, killer pedicures, Christian Louboutin red soles, and varying shades of spray tan, there was nary a varicose vein, tattoo—or husband—in sight.


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