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The 10 Best Dallas Suburbs

Take our tour of the greatest places to live outside of Dallas.
photography by Scott Womack

photography by Scott Womack

6. Highland Park

Population: 8,650
Annual growth since 1990: -0.1%
Average home sales price in 2009: $1,497,137
Median age of residents: 42
Families with kids under 18: 33.4%
Median household income: $149,380

What they say: “The name is authentic,” one resident says. “Living in Highland Park is living in a park setting. We are very pleased with the school system, and this is the reason we moved to HP. The rest was a pleasant surprise.” Local favorites are the HP library and swimming pool, Katy Trail, friendly police officers, and customer-oriented city services. Kids here have—wait for it, inner-city Dallasites—spontaneous play dates. They just run down the street, knocking on doors and looking in yards. Residents would like a gas station. And though the schools are the main draw—some residents decide they’re better off investing in a home than in a private-school education—they can also be a drawback. They are stressful (more because of overachieving parents than teachers), and students get to participate only in activities in which they excel. There’s not much dabbling in violin or tennis just for the heck of it. And the age-old Park Cities complaint: would a little diversity hurt anyone? Houses here start at $650,000 for a duplex and go up to $15 million, with the occasional $20 million-plus going on the market. The average home price is $1.2 million to $1.8 million.

What we say: We once eavesdropped on some high-schoolers who were eating at Mi Cocina, in Highland Park Village. One boy said to the group: “Everyone in the world hates America. Everyone in America hates Texas. Everyone in Texas hates Dallas. And everyone in Dallas hates Highland Park.” There ensued a pause as the other boys considered what the first had just said. Then he finished: “Isn’t that awesome?” That pretty much sums it up. Highland park is awesome—and it knows it.

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