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The Scene: January 2010

Two By Two First Look Party

We don’t usually use sports metaphors (unless we’re trying to impress cute Cowboys players), but the Two by Two First Look Party is always a slam dunk. Great people, amazing venue (Rachofsky House), creative chairmen (Lucy and Steve Wrubel and Jenny and John Kirtland), and world-class talent. This year was no exception. The Kirtland and Wrubel crew flew in Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and hottie rocker Gavin Rossdale for the event, so we were counting down the hours until the party started. We pulled up to the ultra-modern manse and passed walls tagged by local graffiti artist Soner (more on him later) and made a beeline for Siriano. “You caught me eating falafel,” he said, before hurrying backstage to get his models ready for the fashion portion of the evening. Curious, we made our way to the back of the yard to check out Charlie Palmer’s street food ourselves—think pho, kimchee pancakes, and churros. Around that time, we saw John Reoch, covered in leather and displaying chest hair. We inquired about his aviators, since the party was happening in the evening. “This is where my hearing aids are,” he said. Soon after, the crowds gathered outside, where Lucy Wrubel put on her headphones and got to deejaying, while her husband, Steve, climbed atop what looked like a large crayon spouting steam and pumped a fist. Siriano’s models came out, and we ooohed and ahhhed as the gorgeous dresses floated by. Then the stage setup began for Rossdale, and we popped into the house to get a look at the art up for auction. In-the-know local Brandy Taylor introduced us to graffiti-ist Soner (real name: Warren), who had big plans the next day: his wedding. “It’s in the evening,” he said, when we worried that he might be a little tired. Around that time, we heard a guitar and ran outside to see Rossdale onstage, clad in jeans and a hoodie. Almost every lady at the party was in the front row, so we snuggled in to listen to his rendition of “Landslide.” Swoon. “I like Dallas, and they put us in a great place,” he said. “But I haven’t had great barbecue yet.” We counted approximately 100 hands that went up with offers to make that boy a brisket.

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