The Best Dentists in Dallas

How We Did It

D Magazine’s confidential poll was sent to more than 2,000 local dentists, asking them to recommend their peers in each specialty. We made the ballot available online at Only dentists with a valid dental license were eligible. An esteemed panel of dentists, representing a range of specialties, reviewed the final list.

We then turned the list over to our sales team. They cannot add to or subtract from the list, but they can sell ads to the winners. A special advertising section containing all the winners who purchased ads is then put together and displayed somewhere else in this magazine.

We admit the specialties we included may be broad in some instances. Also, if you have a dentist you like and trust, and his or her name is not on this list, we recommend you stick with your D.D.S. You may see his or her name on our next list of the Best Dentists in Dallas.




Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery