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The Scene: February 2010

Crystal Charity Ball

It takes a lot to stand out at the annual Crystal Charity Ball. You’ve got Dallas’ biggest boldface names, surrounded by gaming tables in an always-memorable setting. But perhaps it was December’s vintage James Bond theme, License to Thrill, that inspired first-timers to let loose and upstage such CCB veterans as Caroline Rose Hunt, Annette and Harold Simmons, Margot and Ross Perot, Nancy and Jeremy Halbreich, and Ruth and Ken Altshuler.

With miniskirted go-go dancers onstage and gilded Goldfinger ladies perched atop pedestals, the Hilton Anatole buzzed with beauties, martinis, big bands, and 1,500 well-heeled guests. One 007 wannabe, Barry French, who topped off his tuxedo with a white scarf, had his hands full of chips as he declared, “I’m ready to lose a lot of money and have fun.” Not far away, Barry Hancock played it cool when a passerby pointed out that he’d dropped a Benjamin on the floor after buying his stash. 

Ah, but what would a James Bond-themed ball be without the vixens? Top honors, without a doubt, went to Tina Loyd. Few knew who she was (she owns Terry Costa), but everybody who saw the angelic blonde in black did a double take. Not only was there barely a back to her dress, but she had the most innocent strand of pearls dangling down to her hinterlands.

Then there was the more-than-statuesque Alana Theorine. Taller than Dirk and tanner than an SMU sorority girl just back from Cabo, Alana couldn’t be missed in her purple-and-gold goddess dress topped off with a head full of golden curls.

Alas, even CCB had its tacky moments. It was easy to overlook the guests who whipped out cell phones to snap pictures of singer Sheena “For Your Eyes Only” Easton. It seemed rather touristy, but, heck, they probably didn’t know any better. And we can even forgive those who pilfered extra party favors from their fellow guests. Surely they planned to donate the goodies to those less fortunate. But when ladies who really should know better insisted on wearing cocktail dresses to the gala of the year—be still my fluttering heart. Honey, we don’t care that your couture salesperson swore this was a coming trend; wearing a short dress to a ball is like wearing a bikini to a bar mitzvah.

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