YOU CHICKEN? Scott Jones and his stomach-straining creation. photography by Kevin Marple

The Biggest Chicken-fried Steak in the World

The world’s largest chicken-fried steak is served at Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth. It’s free of charge—if you can finish it.

It’s a feat worthy of Man V. Food: eat the world’s largest chicken-fried steak (and the accompanying mashed potatoes), and you don’t have to pay for it. Fall short, and it’ll cost you $69.95.

Chef Scott Jones (formerly of Cafe Italia and Screen Door) has thrown down the gauntlet at Fort Worth’s Cowtown Diner, which opened in January. “I did a little research and found that no one has really done the world’s largest chicken-fried steak,” Jones says. “I think chicken-fried steak is the quintessential Texas food. I just wanted to create something that was unique and different.”

Jones requires a 24-hour reservation if you want to have a go at it. Preparation is a bit challenging, as the meat covers the entire surface of the flat-top griddle. It then has to be finished off in a convection oven.

The dish has been ordered more than a dozen times, but no one has been equal to the task. “I know someone will finish it someday,” he says. “I just can’t imagine what that person will look like.”

Full o’ Bull Platter by the Numbers

4 pounds of cube steak
6 pounds of potatoes
10 slices of Texas toast
10,000 calories
45 minutes to prepare