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The Best Pediatricians in Dallas 2010

By D Magazine |

How We Did It

We sent letters and opened the voting to more than 1,000 pediatricians and medical professionals in North Texas, asking them to recommend their peers. We posted an online ballot at where we accepted votes from those with a valid Texas State Medical License number. Voters were asked to nominate their short list of doctors in 21 specialties with the following question in mind: “Which Dallas pediatric specialist would you rank among the current best and to whom would you send your child?” Self-nominations were not counted. Once the votes were tallied, we enlisted a team of respected local pediatricians to review the list. They agreed to do so on the condition of anonymity, so they could speak freely about their colleagues. They reviewed the winners and the voting tallies, helping us look for signs of ballot stuffing and making us aware of issues known only in the pediatric community.

Here’s where the confusion comes in. We then turned the list over to our sales team. They cannot add to or subtract from the list, but they can sell ads to the winners. A special advertising section containing all the winners who purchase ads was then put together and displayed somewhere else in this magazine. That said, our list is extensive but by no means inclusive. If your child’s doctor is not on this list but you trust her implicitly, we recommend that you stick with her.

Adolescent Medicine


  • Elliot Ginchansky
  • M. Teresa de la Morena
  • Elisa Lange
  • Michael Ruff
  • Robert Sugerman
  • Richard L. Wasserman

Cardiac Surgery



  • Soumya Adhikari
  • Bryan Dickson
  • Jon Oden
  • Heidi Shea
  • Ellen Sher
  • Grace Tennin
  • Perrin White



  • Christopher Abel
  • Barry Bergman
  • Ronald Blair
  • Michael Brown
  • Malcolm Davidson
  • Early Denison
  • Ernesto Fernandez
  • Vanthaya Gan
  • Jules Greif
  • Allison Henderson
  • J. Patrick Hieber
  • Susan Hubbard
  • Albert Karam
  • Michael Lee
  • Angela Mihalic
  • Gary Morchower
  • Richard Nail
  • Joe Neely
  • Joseph Peterman
  • Peter Sherrod
  • Joel Steinberg
  • Cynthia Webb
  • Matt Yaeger


  • Andrea Cramer
  • Angela Scheuerle
  • Lewis Waber
  • Golder Wilson

Infectious Disease

  • Theresa Barton
  • Wendy Chung
  • Stuart Ehrett
  • Michelle Gill
  • Greg Istre
  • George McCracken
  • Pablo Sanchez
  • Jane Siegel


  • Albert Quan
  • Raymond Quigley
  • Mouin Seikaly


  • Susan Arnold
  • Michael Dowling
  • Roy Elterman
  • Susan Iannaccone
  • Steven Linder
  • David Owen
  • Anthony Riela
  • Rana Said
  • Gerald So


  • Angela Price
  • David Sacco
  • Fred Sklar
  • Dale Swift
  • Bradley Weprin


  • Daniel Bowers
  • George Buchanan
  • Stanton Goldman
  • Janna Journeycake
  • Patrick Leavey
  • Carl Lenarsky
  • Zora Rogers
  • Joel Weinthal
  • Naomi Winick


  • Cynthia Beauchamp
  • Priscilla Berry
  • Joel Leffler
  • David Stager Jr.
  • David Stager Sr.
  • David Weakley


  • David Brown
  • Roderick Capelo
  • Lawson Copley
  • Hinton Hamilton
  • John Herring
  • Christine Ho
  • Barry Humeniuk
  • Lori Karol
  • David Podeszwa
  • Karl Rathjen
  • B. Steven Richards
  • James Sackett
  • Philip Wilson


  • Paul Bauer
  • Michael Biavati
  • Amy Brenski
  • Romaine Johnson
  • John McClay
  • Alan Murray
  • Timothy Trone

Plastic Surgery/Craniofacial


  • Baer Ackerman
  • Dante Burgos
  • Graham Emslie
  • Urszula Kelley
  • Stephanie Setliff

Pulmonary Medicine

  • Steven Copenhaver
  • Andrew Gelfand
  • Yadira Rivera-Sanchez
  • Peter Schochet
  • Richard Silver


  • Lynn Punaro


  • Linda Baker
  • David Ewalt
  • Warren Snodgrass
  • William Strand