photography by Kevin Marple

Lena’s Italian Ice Sets Up Shop in Allen

No, it’s not quite the same as shaved ice. This stuff is superfine and ultra creamy and comes in 20 flavors.

Shaved ice, we know all about. now we meet its cousin from up North. Called Italian ice (or “water ice” if you’re from Philadelphia), it’s almost the same as shaved ice, except it’s whipped in an ice cream maker so the texture becomes superfine and ultra creamy—just pure fruit flavors melting on the tongue. Dimitri Evangelopoulos moved here from Philly last year after marrying a Texas native and opened Lena’s Italian Ice in Allen in mid-March. He offers more than 20 flavors, like watermelon and lemon, which you can eat straight or topped with a plume of decadent soft-service custard (which makes it a gelati). 204 Central Expwy., Allen. 972-908-3398.