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Review: The Chocolate Angel

Look out, Celebrity Bakery. Here comes The Chocolate Angel, a bakery, cafe, and tearoom where you won’t faint from sticker shock.
By Nancy Nichols |
The Some Like It Hot sandwich. photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Watch your back, Celebrity Bakery. Here comes The Chocolate Angel, a bakery, cafe, and tearoom. The menu consists of soups, salads, sandwiches, a quiche of the day, and baked goods. You won’t faint from sticker shock: lemon bars are $1, Neiman Marcus-recipe chocolate chip cookies are 85 cents, and cupcakes are $2.75.

On our visit, we were jonesing for cheese, and cheese we found. The four-cheese sandwich is sprinkled with garlic salt and grilled between two thin slices of sourdough. The Some Like It Hot features a layer of pimento cheese mixed with toasted pecans, chopped jalapeños, and fat chunks of bacon served with a side of gooey homemade strawberry jam, a tossed green salad, and a ramekin of pasta salad. Sadly, it was delivered with cold cheese in the middle. I took a thick slice of strawberry cake and a thicker slice of dark chocolate cake back to the office. A bite of each one, and I spit both of them back into my napkin. The texture of the cake was spongy and felt rubbery against the roof of my mouth. The thin layer of chocolate icing was almost pure confectioners’ sugar flavored with a hint of bitter chocolate. One office mate described it as tasting like “the inside of an old lady’s house.”

Because I am an old lady in their eyes, I strongly disagree.

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