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Eat This Now: Chicken-Fried Kobe Steak

By D Magazine |
photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

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Blythe Beck at Central 214

1. The steak: Center-cut Kobe
rib-eye, pounded thin, dredged in a heavily seasoned flour mixture, followed with a buttermilk bath. Buttermilk is a must, as it adds flavor and keeps the crust intact. Frying oil must be at 350 degrees to ensure an extra-crispy and light crust.

2. Bacon red-eye gravy: Organic coffee infused in heavy cream with rendered bacon and lots of black pepper.

3. Slow-braised greens:  Local mustard greens braised in malt vinegar with bacon. The bitterness of the greens and acid from the vinegar balance the richness of the gravy and potatoes. Cook the greens low and slow for best flavor and texture.

4. Butter-whipped potatoes: Yukon Gold potatoes are optimal as the starch content keeps them from getting overly mushy. Use lots of butter, a little cream, and a touch of salt. No pepper—there’s plenty in the gravy!

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