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D Magazine May 2009

Cover Story

What Drove Jeanmarie Geis to Murder?

She was the perfect North Dallas wife. Then she killed her children and herself.
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Food and Drink

Review: Coast Global Seafood

Wonder of wonders: a beautiful, sophisticated fine-dining restaurant opens in a Plano shopping center.
By Nancy Nichols

Hank Stuever on Why He Loves Frisco

How an East Coast snarkist went Frisco weirdo and found real life in a mall.
By Hank Stuever

How the Dallas Wealthy Get Divorced

Amid the recession, the moneyed in Dallas look to change the terms of divorce.
By Spencer Michlin

Napa Valley, California

Spend the weekend in the heart of the wine country with a master sommelier and an etiquette expert.
By Julie Blacklidge Kinzie

Q&A With Anna-Sophia van Zweden

The daughter of the DSO conductor moves to Dallas and finds inspiration.
By Tim Rogers

The Dallas Opera’s Future Without George Steel

The Dallas Opera has big plans for its smaller new home. But it also has no manager-director and an uncertain economy to deal with. What does the future hold?
By Willard Spiegelman

The Most Expensive City Council Race in Dallas History

The race for the 13th District seat between Brint Ryan and Ann Margolin is the one to watch.

The Problem With Abstinence Education

In theory, abstinence is fail proof. But Texas spends the most on abstinence while achieving one of the highest teen birth rates in the country. What does that mean for Plano-based Aim for Success, the country’s biggest promoter of chastity?
By Laura Beil

Tim Rogers Experiments With Alphabiotics

When expired muscle relaxants fail, try quantum physics, performed at Preston Royal Shopping Center, to cure a bad back.
Food and Drink

Eat This Now: Lacquered Chinese Duckling

Chef Sara Johannes Wolfgang Puck’s Five-Sixty cooks up this dish.
By D Magazine

The Museum of Nature & Science Braces For Its Future

The Museum of Nature & Science shows other cultural institutions how to move into the future. But it’s not there yet.
By Joan Arbery

The Scene: May 2009

Art Party and Affair of the Art
By Sarah Eveans

Why We Launched D Art Slam

The Dallas art scene is vibrant, messy, and surprising. It is also largely propelled by people you’ve never heard of. But not for long.
By Wick Allison

Meet the Dallas Inventor Who Built a Better Telescope

Tom Noe, a former TI semiconductor engineer, invented the word’s first collapsible reflector telescope.
By Mark Stuertz

Diane Izzedin Can Make You Look Good in Leather

The self-taught designer and part-time Dallasite does custom denim and leather for everyone with the figure for it.
By Stephanie Quadri