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D Magazine March 2009

Cover Story

The Last Temptation of Craig Watkins

The only black district attorney in Texas has won fame for breaking barriers and freeing innocent men. But can he overcome his enemies—and his own thin skin?
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A Better Money Clip

The ingenious Duck Bill solves man’s greatest pocket-sized problem.

My Great West Village Starbucks Experiment

I went to the West Village Starbucks so often that I began to recognize the regulars. Then I decided to meet them.
By John McAlley
Food and Drink

Review: Neighborhood Services

Nick Badovinus opens a charming little restaurant with an odd name and an unpretentious menu—all of it inspired by his roots.
By Sarah Eveans

SMU Grad’s Crusade for Rape Victims

Courtney Underwood is on a mission to change the way Dallas treats rape victims.
By Spencer Michlin

Texas Ballet Theater Debuts “Cleopatra”

The Texas Ballet Theater brings “Cleopatra” to Fort Worth. Now what about Dallas?
By Joan Arbery

The Duo Behind AFI’s Film Lineup

For two good-looking young people with steady jobs, James Faust and Sarah Harris don’t have much of a social life. At least not in January and February, when the AFI Dallas programmers watch 20 to 30 shorts and two to four feature-length films per day.
By Eric Celeste

The Unlikely Artist: Cornelious Brackens Jr.

How a homeless man’s canvas wound up hanging in the White House.
By Pamela Gwyn Kripke

We’re Outta Here: 19 Great Travel Deals

Grand openings and special promotions from hotels and resorts around the world make this a great time to get out of town.
By Jennifer Chininis

A City Without Critics

The arts can’t flourish without honest commentary. And occasional blogging won’t cut it.

Siena, Italy

A group of Dallas epicures journeys to Siena to attend Ecco La Cucina, a Tuscan culinary school where they would learn how to cook like a real Italian. But first they had to eat like one.
By Nancy Nichols

North Texas loves it some Priuses

A look at who’s going green in North Texas.
By from staff reports

The Scene: March 2009

Two by Two for AIDS and Art, Fashion at the Park, Palm Night, Treasure Street, and Art + Advocacy
By Sarah Eveans