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119 Reasons Why We Love Dallas – No. 54


Because we get things done

Twenty-four Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in North Texas. Last year, those companies brought in $623 billion in revenue—second to only New York. And though the region occupies only 3 percent of the state’s landmass, we have 26 percent of the population, 28 percent of the employment, 29 percent of the personal income, and 32 percent of Texas’ gross domestic product. How did we pull off all that? Our cost of living is below the national average of 100 (Dallas is at 91.9) and the median home price is $150,000 (lower than Atlanta, Houston, and Minneapolis). Plus, we’re educated: 20 colleges and universities, 17 graduate schools, three medical and dental schools, two law schools, and 20 community college campuses. (All figures courtesy of the North Texas Commission.)