Behind the Scenes: The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas

Here are candid, behind-the-scenes shots of the women voted by the readers of D Beauty to be Dallas’ most beautiful.

Our sister publication D Beauty just published its annual story naming the most beautiful (in every sense of the word) women in the city. Late at night, after the editors of that publication had left the building, we broke into their offices and confiscated every outtake we could find from their photo shoots. Why? Not for prurient reasons. No. It’s because we love journalism. Photojournalism, to be precise. And we wanted to publish some. You can see the gorgeous glamour shots of the women in the winter issue of  D Beauty on newsstands now. But here are candid, behind-the-scenes shots of the women voted by the readers of D Beauty to be Dallas’ most beautiful.

Karen Noseff, 32
Jeans designer and hip-hop class teacher

“My must-have beauty item is Vaseline. I put it on my lips. I carry it with me everywhere. If your hands are dry, you can put on a little. And it’s 89 cents. You can’t beat that.”


Nanci Masso, 51

“I think that people are surprised that I have five kids, three grandkids, and one grandkid on the way.”



Neely Holland, 25 (right)
Marketing maven
“I’m always putting on my deodorant then slipping on a black shirt, but my mom taught me that you can take the inside of your shirt and rub it on the stain, and it’ll disappear.”


Nikki Ngo, 40 (left)
Hairstylist and beauty expert
“Treat people like you treat your dog. My dog can eat my shoes and I’ll still love it.”
D’Andra Simmons, 39 (right)
Beauty mogul
“I am a great hunter and an incredible shot. So don’t enter my house without notice!”
Simmons portrait by Scogin Mayo



Gail Warrior-Lawrence, 40
CEO of a construction company

“I love to wear hats. But you’ve gotta have hattitude. You have to wear the hat. The hat can’t wear you.”


Joette White, 41
Animal care specialist

“I don’t like vegetables. Trying to get a 3-year-old to eat them when you don’t eat them is tough. Chocolate is my vegetable.”



Wendy Cruz, 28
Univision anchor

“I love perfume. I feel like I haven’t taken a shower if I don’t have perfume, even if I have.”


Marie Reyes, 38
Skincare specialist

“After sunscreen, my must-have beauty item is BADgal Lash Mascara
by Benefit. I also don’t go anywhere without YSL’s Golden Gloss #1.”


Heather Wiese-Alexander, 33
Owner of Bell’Invito stationery studio

“My guilty pleasure is ‘Bullet time.’ They’re Blue Bell popsicles. I’ve gotten everybody at work addicted. At about 3, when everybody’s fading, somebody asks, ‘Is it Bullet time?’ ”


Click here for a behind-the-scenes video.