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D Magazine February 2009

Cover Story

Eat Out and Save: 59 Cheap Dallas Restaurant Deals

Here are a few frugal suggestions for dining out.
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Amelia Island, Florida

With 13 miles of beaches, abundant native wildlife, golf, and fishing, this small island has something for everyone.
By Teresa Gubbins

It’s All About the Statement Necklace

Come spring, it’s all about the statement necklace.
By Stephanie Quadri

Has the Recession Hit Golf?

We gauge the financial health of the local country clubs.
By Christine Sracic

Love, Dallas Style: Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Valentine

We found gifts for everyone on your list this Valentine’s Day.
By Stephanie Quadri

No More News?: A World Without the Dallas Morning News

What would Dallas look like if its daily newspaper died?
By Eric Celeste
Food and Drink

Review: Soley

By Jennifer Chininis
Food and Drink

Review: Victor Tango’s

After an awkward opening,Tristan Simon and David McMillan have hit their stride at Victor Tango’s.

Roglans Run: SMU’s Meadows Museum Reinvents Itself – Again

The Meadows Museum is on its third director in eight years. How can Mark Roglan make it world-class? By doing what he’s doing.
By Joan Arbery

The Best Jukebox Bars in Dallas

The watering holes that still have a place for the coin-powered (all right, dollar-powered) behemoth get an instant air of street credibility that no bottle-service or velvet ropes could ever engender.
By Amanda Mann

The Man Child: Zach Peters is a Great Basketball Player – and Why That Doesn’t Matter

What do you do with your 15-year-old son when he stands nearly 7 feet tall, is one of the best basketball players in the country, and can drive a golf ball 300 yards?

The Scene: February 2009

Cattle Baron’s Ball, Grand Opening of V Spa, and Chipas Project Junior Committee
By Sarah Eveans