The Scene: August 2009

The Art Ball 2009

Your columnist and her Egyptian alter ego. illustration by Kenneth Fallin
We tend to be lazy. If we had been planning this year’s Art Ball, for example, we probably would have just gone with some lame “Walk Like an Egyptian” theme in honor of King Tut and called it a day. But that’s why we are a lowly Scene editor, and Elaine Agather, this year’s chairwoman, is a high-powered J.P. Morgan exec. When Agather plans a party, she really gives it her all. She decked out the Dallas Museum of Art with white carpet and crystals and Frank Sinatra impersonators and called the ball the 24K Supper Club. Brilliant. We side-glanced at towering men wearing nothing but gold body paint and tiny towels who greeted us at the valet stand, said hello to a sparkling Agather (wearing gold, of course), and shimmied to our table. But these weren’t just any tables. They were “lounge” tables, with different levels, a banquette (that’s a comfy bench to you) on one end, in lieu of chairs, and approximately half a football field in between one couple and another. Think high-class picnic. Undeterred, we spoke mostly with our hands to tablemates Cecilia and David Campos (they were practically out of earshot) until the rest of our table arrived. A few more folks filled in (including Stanley Korshak bigwig Rose Clark), and we made the best of the unusual seating arrangement. Then platters of Mediterranean finger foods were dropped off in family-style table service. Yes, family style (remember: supper club). There was a moment’s pause. Soon enough, though, we shrugged our shoulders and passed plates in the spirit of the eve. Later, though, we heard that others weren’t so excited about the informal service. Just then, Agather glided over. “I’ve decided to stick with banking,” she told us. “But tonight has been a treasure.” After sampling the cinnamon-spiced baklava, we made our way to the dance floor and sashayed to “The Way You Look Tonight” alongside a spinning Todd Fiscus and Rachael Dedman. That beat the Bangles any day.

Don’t miss this month: the season is beginning. Get geared up at Simply Summer, Simply Shoes on August 22 and the Kidney Texas Luncheon and Fashion Show on August 28.

Bottom Row: Angie Barrett, Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, Olivia Kearney, Elaine Agather, Derek and Christen Wilson, and Cecilia and David Campos. Top Row: Antonia Hubert, Dan Pritchett, Amanda McCarver, Faye Briggs, Todd Fiscus, Amy and Trip Leon, and David and Suzanne Droese. photography by Marty Perlman

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