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The Wine Chick: Gina Gottlich

photography by Rob White

Gina Gottlich is an energetic multitasker. She runs two restaurants, Bijoux and The Second Floor, with her chef/husband Scott, and raises two baby boys. In her spare time, she creates the wine program for the restaurants. We sent the Snooty Foodies to talk with Gina.

SF: What influenced your passion for wine?

GG: I worked in restaurants while attending San Diego State. Wine started to fascinate me, and then I just fell in love with it.

SF: What is the biggest argument you and Scott have had over food/wine?

GG:  That’s an easy one. Scott cooks clean, fresh, Cali. It is not unusual for 85 percent of his menu to call for white wines. So, I’m like, “Hey, chef, we’ve got one red on the tasting menu. Can you help out here?” Then, the argument begins.

SF: What’s a food/wine pairing you crave?

GG: Scott is doing a play on a BLT right now. It’s got fish, frisee, cherry tomatoes, and lardons. I love putting it with an Oregon Pinot. It carries the smokiness of the lardons so well.

SF: What’s the most overlooked grape varietal?

GG: Chenin Blanc. It can be slightly offensive. It’s one of those wines that can smell like a dirty closet. When it’s done right it is absolutely wonderful. It is extremely complex. Sometimes it needs to be decanted. It is a really neat grape that is very layered.

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