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Sex, Sake and Rockin’ Rolls at Pirahna Killer Sushi

By Todd Johnson |
photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Sushi rolls are the modern-day equivalent of nachos. They’re so common—popping up on menus across the city and smothered in every sauce and topping known to man—that they’ve lost their edge. But every now and then, a special roll reminds us why we fell in love with them. Witness Pirahna Killer Sushi’s Sexy Roll: coconut tempura shrimp is wrapped in traditional sushi rice and nori and then topped with avocado, crawfish, mango, and ginger cream. It’s sweet, spicy, and satisfying, just like the best sex. Now if it only came with a cigarette. 335 W. Third St., Fort Worth. 817-348-0200.