Where he’s from: “I was born in Galveston, and I went to high school in Northeast Oklahoma. I grew up all over—kind of like an Army brat.” Where he studied: BFA from Kansas State University, MFA from University of Oklahoma. Artful ambitions: When I was 5, I knew I wanted to be an artist—when I didn’t want to be a cowboy. I didn’t know what that meant, and I wasn’t raised culturally, but I liked to draw.” Thoughtful themes: Jones explores objectivity, tactility, and physicality with his work, which he thinks stems from growing up around the pipeline business and making items like milking stools and bows and arrows with his grandfather. “I’m interested in objects, patina, wear, and age. I make paintings that reflect that in objects.” Reality check: His pieces are layered, sanded, painted, marked, and scratched. “Each piece takes on its own geology. I don’t hide anything—you see staples. It’s a very real object.” Where to buy his work: Holly Johnson Gallery. www.hollyjohnsongallery.com. photography by James Bland

The Dallas Art World According to James Bland

When photographer James Bland began looking around town for a new project, his focus quickly settled on the art scene. “It’s amazing how many awesome artists we have in Dallas and Fort Worth. I love art, and I thought it would be fun.” So Bland began the cold calling—he didn’t know any of the 44 artists before the project began, “although I’m lucky enough to count a couple of them as friends now,” he says. The project didn’t disappoint. “It’s a celebration of what we have here and a tribute to how hard these artists work,” he explains. Bland will have an exhibit of his photographys at the CADD ARt Lab from April 28 through May 2. caddallas.net. (To experience the Dallas art scene even further, check out the D Art Slam, May 29 through 31. www.d-artslam.com.) To see even more artists, scroll down to hear our interview with James Bland. 


Bland narrates a video slideshow of 10 additional artists that you didn’t see in the April issue. Check it out below!


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