Bill’s Records, aka Radiohead’s Favorite Music Store

Radiohead hasn’t performed in Dallas since March 1998, when it played a rapturous, sold-out gig at the Music Hall in Fair Park. In the decade since, the closest North Texas fans came to hearing how the quintet pulled off its ambitious, adventurous songs onstage was 2001’s I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings.

That situation will finally be rectified when Radiohead comes to town for a May 18 concert at the Center, supporting last year’s fantastic In Rainbows. The show is, not surprisingly, sold out. But I have good news. No, I can’t help you score a pair of ducats. What I can do is tell you stalkers out there where Radiohead more than likely will spend most of the afternoon before the show: Bill’s Records. That’s exactly what they did the last time they were here, digging through the racks of the old Spring Valley location for hours. A few years later, during an interview with bassist Colin Greenwood, 95 percent of our allotted time was devoted to an enthusiastic discussion of Bill’s once I mentioned the place.

You can bet Radiohead won’t pass up a chance to visit one of its favorite record shops in the world, especially since it has moved to a more convenient Lamar Street spot. If you go, though, try not to scare the band too much. We’d like them to come back again in less than 10 years.

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