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Honey do

By Nancy Nichols |
photography by Elizabeth Lavin

All year long, Nancy and Ggary Krabill scour Italy for gourmet goodies to line the shelves of Flavors From Afar, their nifty shop in Snider Plaza. It’s a tough job for sure and one that could make your next trip to Italy easier, especially if collecting food souvenirs is your hobby. Remember the last time that jar of honey you wrapped in socks broke in your suitcase? Chances are the Krabills already have it in stock. Like the wondrous La Nonna brand of Sicilian honey harvested from bees attracted to the bright red flowers of the wild sulla plant. The beekeepers actually move the beehives around the Italian countryside in rhythm with seasonal flowerings so that the bees can perform their dual task of collecting nectar and pollinating. The result is a delicate honey with a pale straw hue and a satiny smooth texture. La Nonna blends the sulla honey with local hazelnuts, almonds, or berries to create delicious spreads for toast or sweetener for your tea. Flavors From Afar. 6712 Snider Plaza. 214-696-2327.

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