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D Magazine March 2008

Cover Story

Hunt vs. Hunt: The Fight Inside Dallas’ Wealthiest Family

The Hunt family is one of the richest and most private families in Dallas. Now, with one member suing the others, things are about to get very public and very ugly.
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Cover Story

Made in Tokyo

Visitors expecting a city of the future may be surprised that this huge metropolis still clings to rituals of its ancient past.
By D Magazine
Cover Story

Fashion Forecast

Buyers for our favorite local stores put together the most stylish looks for spring.
By D Magazine
Food and Drink

Sniff This

By Julie Blacklidge

Dallas’ Scamming Filmmaker

Curt Johnson moved to Dallas and claimed to be an Oscar-winning filmmaker. That’s just one lie he told in a web that ensnared victims locally and across the country.
By Amanda Tackett

I Love a Parade

A discussion—not a glorification—of the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day festivities.
By Tim Rogers

The Stop-Sign-Running Epidemic

More people than ever are ignoring stop signs-and getting busted for it.
By Spencer Michlin

What I’ve Seen: David Webster George

The local architect is carrying on the teachings of his mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright.
By Cathy Frisinger

Austin, Texas

By Jennifer Chininis
Food and Drink

Fish and Chips

Chef Randy Morgan, of Dallas Fish Market, shows us his take on fish and chips.
By D Magazine

Pity Me. I’m So Rich That I Worry About My Children’s Future.

Our columnist cites his humble beginnings as an excuse to spend freely and frivolously.
By Marty Cortland
Food and Drink

Review: BLT Steak

Live from New York, the acclaimed BLT Steak restaurant takes on Dallas. But is it ready for Prime time?
By Nancy Nichols
Food and Drink

Review: Ounce

On the heels of BLT comes Ounce, another high-end steakhouse.
By Teresa Gubbins

Taos, New Mexico

By Laura Kostelny

The Big Business of Gender Prediction

Two locals each invented an at-home, urine-based gender predictor kit within months of one another. Who got there first? And do they even work.
By Pamela Gwyn Kripke

World premiere of Neil Young’s Greendale

Undermain Theatre stages the world premiere of Neil Young’s Greendale.
By Glenn Arbery

8 Rules to Survive in Dallas’ Real Estate Market

Subprime fears got you down? Don’t worry. We’ve got some simple advice on how to weather the storm.
By Trey Garrison

Golf in the Jungle

Local golf pro Gilbert Freeman returns to the Mexican jungle where he spent his boyhood summers perfecting his swing. But this trip is to spread the ashes of his father, a renowned lepidopterist.
By Curt Sampson

March Madness Dallas Edition

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is, without fail, one of the best sporting events of the year. We wanted a piece of that action, so we decided to pit “teams” from Dallas against one another in our own version of the familiar bracket. You might notice a few upsets here and there. That’s why they play the games, people.
By D Magazine