photography by Robert Hart

Jessica Simpson: “Tasty!”

How the blonde babe gave a boost to a new drink from Dallas.

The picture is now famous. A D Magazine photog snapped it in April at Tony Romo’s birthday bash. From our website, it went to and dozens of others. Suddenly the world was wondering why Jessica Simpson and Blake Andrews, son of beer distributor Barry, were covered in blue frosting. And what was in that can? The answer: it’s called VIB, for Vacation in a Bottle. Simpson and Andrews are investors. So are Mike Modano and Donnie Nelson, among others. Partners Travis Hollman and John Valdene—who brought us the Off-Road Commode and the Marshmallow Shooter—invented the “relaxation drink.” It’s sells in about 1,000 locations in Dallas but, buoyed by recent pub, will soon go national.


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