SOMETHING ELSE: In a fluke accident, Campbell was once shot in the arm at a wedding. No kidding. photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Working Blue

Kristin Campbell explains how the Star-Telegram got a sense of humor.

You can imagine the meeting between the star-telegram brass and the paper’s McClatchy owners. “These two kids down in our Web department, Kristin Campbell and John Metz, they want to do a four-minute weekly online local news show with jokes about squirrels and bodily fluids. Like Jon Stewart meets Weekend Update on YouTube. It’s called The DaFoWo Show.” “I don’t get it.” “Me neither. Which is why I think it’ll work.” The show debuted in March. And, mostly, it does work.
Do the McClatchy overlords have any idea what you’re doing? How do you get away with some of that stuff? They do know, and they love it. I’m not sure if everyone loves it. But one of the VPs for interactive content was in town and saw it. And he basically told our editors to keep their hands off and let us have fun. So you don’t have to worry about [Star-Telegram editor] Jim Witt marching down the hall and saying, “Hey, enough with the [bodily fluid] jokes.”? Jim has been incredibly supportive. That’s the truth. Does it generate jealousy among some of your co-workers at the dead-tree version? I know they can’t get away with stuff that blue. I can’t comment for them. [giggles] What did you do before this? I was a writer at NBC Channel 5. So you were writing for Jane and Mike? How was that for you? It wasn’t a bad gig, but I just got bored with that. Because you find yourself writing the same story. How you’re going to die in your house, coming up next? Exactly. Where did you go to school? TCU. I’m a Horned Frog. Nice. I’m making that sign right now that you guys make. Are your fingers tight? [pause] Are we still talking about your school? [giggles] Okay, here’s the thing. When you do the horns, they have to be curled really tight. Otherwise they look like bunny ears, and that’s so not cool. So just make sure that the tips of your fingers are almost touching back. Does your co-host John already have himself an exit strategy? I mean, I’m not suggesting anything, but— No, no. I absolutely need him. I’d be very, very sad if he weren’t with me. He’s the funny one. He’s the one who comes up with the best over-the-shoulder images. He’ll just come up with obscure things I’d never come up with. Care to divulge what sort of traffic you’re getting? I’m going to have to say no comment on that one. I didn’t check with my bosses. I’ll have to get back with you. I’m going to go with at least 25 viewers a week. At least. Between 25 and 75.

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