Honey/Chili-Lacquered Canadian Duck Breast

Honey/Chili-Lacquered Canadian Duck Breast

photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Duck: Chef Fearing scores the breast of Canadian Maple Leaf duck breast and seasons it with salt and pepper. He sautés the duck in corn oil, skin-side down, until the fat has a chance to render (or melt) out of the skin. The duck cooks until the skin is crisp, then it is brushed with the honey/chili lacquer, and cooked for three more minutes.

Red Pepper Puree: Peppers are roasted, skinned, and the seeds are removed. Ginger, garlic, and shallot are sautéed until translucent. Mirin (sweet rice wine) and roasted red peppers are added and cooked. Ingredients are pureed on high until smooth.

Thai Basil Pesto: Leaves are picked and placed in a blender along with cashews and garlic, and pureed with olive oil. Salt and pepper are used to season.

Fried Rice: Julienned yellow onions are sautéed for one to two minutes, followed by garlic and ginger, which are stir-fried until fragrant. Next, the carrots, bell peppers, and fresh English peas are fried, and then all are transferred to a bowl. Oil is added back to the pan, and pre-cooked rice is added and seasoned with soy sauce. 

Quail Egg: A small, nonstick pan is heated over medium-high heat. One teaspoon of oil is added, and the egg is cracked into the pan. The egg is slowly cooked, leaving the yolk uncooked so it is sunny-side up.

Taro Sticks: Safflower oil is preheated to 350 degrees. A taro root (a starchy, potato-like tuber) is peeled under running water. It is then cut into long strips, submerged in tempura batter, and fried until crisp. The taro is placed onto paper towels to absorb excess oil, and salt and pepper are used to season.


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