Wild Game Mixed Grill

SEVY’S / 8201 PRESTON ROAD / 214-265-7389

photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Crispy Spinach: The inspiration for this garnish comes from chef Ewald Schultz’s famous crispy parsley. Severson deep-fries medium-sized spinach leaves that have been washed and patted dry. It only takes a few seconds—they’re pulled out when they become translucent. The leaves are then placed on paper towels, where they crisp up and are ready for garnish.

Venison: The venison comes from the Texas Hill Country, and is marinated in olive oil, fresh rosemary, garlic, and a touch of maple syrup. It is sprinkled with Sevy’s seasoning and then grilled over high heat to seal in moisture and flavor.

Quail: Severson uses a semi-boneless quail from Manchester Farms. It’s marinated in fresh herbs and olive oil, and grilled to order.

Port Wine Reduction: Port wine is reduced down with sprigs of thyme, garlic cloves, and demi-glace. It’s finished with a touch of butter for additional richness.

Truffle Whipped Potatoes: Severson uses Russet Burbank potatoes from Idaho for this dish. They are whipped with heavy cream, butter, black truffle pieces, and black truffle oil.

Rabbit Sausage: The sausage used is from the D’Artagnan meat company, and it’s a combination of rabbit, pork, ginger, garlic, and seasonings. It is thinly sliced and then grilled. The sausage adds a nice saltiness to the dish.


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