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D Magazine DISD 2008



Wherein we answer six common questions put to us by our neighbors.

Indispensable Man

The Dallas public schools were rotten. Then a semi-retired civic leader decided enough was enough.

Mentors for Troubled Kids

How some business leaders step in to help kids who need hope.

Saving the Worst School

How Texas Instruments tackled a South Dallas school to prove to the nation that education reform can work.

The Foundation of a Turnaround

How a former real estate executive came to see that the city’s future lay in its school district.

The Super

DISD’s top man, Dr. Michael Hinojosa, has made progress. But now he faces the battle of his life.

Competing for Minds

A second revolution is reshaping public schools, as charters educate poor kids – and even make schools around them better.

Hitting the Worst Problem Head-On

DISD takes radical steps to curb its dropout rate.

Keeping Score

To improve in all areas, DISD is grading schools—and handing those report cards to parents.

Mapping Excellence

In 2008, DISD saw its number of schools rated “Exemplary” and “Recognized” more than double, to 103. This followed Dallas students improving their TAKS scores in nearly every grade and subject.