photography by John Gay

The Other White Wine

Voignier picques our palate.

I always suggest Viognier to anyone looking for a delicious white wine without the heaviness of an oaked Chardonnay or the crisp citrus notes of a Sauvignon Blanc. With a lingering aroma of apricot, it is a perfect pairing with the luscious flavors of peach and ripe pear. Grown in Condrieu, France, in the northern Rhone region, Viognier is a hot-weather grape that caught the attention of some Texas growers who recently planted this variety hoping it would do well in Texas’ climate. They were right. Becker Vineyards and McPherson Cellars have both produced some excellent examples of this delicate gem.

2006 McPherson Cellars ($18.99)
Barely kissed by oak, showing a pear and apple blossom bouquet with yummy mango flavors.
2006 Becker Vineyards ($18.99)
Excellent example of classic Viognier characteristics. 
2003 Guigal ($59.99)
A bit pricey, but worth the experience.

All wines are available at Central Market (5750 E. Lovers Ln., 214-234-7000)