Grilled beef rice bowl. photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Review: B.B.Bop

With its fermented cabbage and cold noodles, Korean food hasn’t hit the melting pot yet, but B.B.Bop is a start. Founded by Gregory Bussey, executive sous chef at Hibiscus, his wife, Sandra, a Korean-American private chef, and two others, B.B.Bop is a tidy storefront spot in Carrollton that specializes in the most accessible Korean dish: bibimbap, aka the rice bowl, with rice, meat, vegetables, lettuce, and sauce drizzled all over.

The classic comes with grilled beef and a fiery red pepper sauce. B.B. Bop backs that up with alternatives including chicken and less fiery sauces like creamy peanut, curry, black bean, chili, tomatillo, and teriyaki.

If this all sounds rather multiple-choicey, the reality was better. It came in a giant Tupperware-type tub playfully imprinted with the B.B.Bop logo. It’s hard to argue with a big tub o’ food, and the ingredients—fresh salad greens, jasmine or brown rice, tender cubes of chicken or beef cooked on the premises, vegetables not overcooked—were skillfully handled.

They also do a bahn mi. This Vietnamese sandwich, served on a crusty French roll filled with marinated meat (usually pork, but B.B.Bop offers beef or chicken), chopped vegetables, slices of jalapeño, and fresh cilantro, is a holy grail for some foodies, and B.B.Bop’s wholly satisfies, with puckery-good notes of sweet and hot.

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