Grandma Minnie’s Fried Chicken

Grandma Minnie’s Fried Chicken

photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Potatoes: Red potatoes with the skin on are boiled until they are cooked through, and then mashed, but not heavily (there should still be chunks). Butter, cream cheese, chives, and salt and pepper are added.

Gravy:  The excess oil from the chicken is poured off, and the drippings and crumbs are heated back up. Flour is sprinkled in to make a roux. Once the roux is chocolate brown, whole milk is added and stirred until smooth. The gravy comes to a boil and cooked until thick and is finished off with salt, lots of pepper, and a bit of maple syrup.

Green Beans: Fresh green beans are sautéed in olive oil with onion and fresh bell pepper until they are just finished.

Chicken: First, the chicken breast and thigh are deboned, leaving only the wingbone on the breast and the thighbone on the thigh. Next, chef Rathbun seasons the chicken with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic, and then it is dredged twice in the flour and placed in a cast-iron skillet, skin side down, to cook. Once that side is properly browned, the chicken is flipped. Canola oil is used for frying, which is healthier than using shortening.