Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetable Side Dishes

photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

We love everything about Craft, but its side dishes top the list. This month, we picked three that taste amazing—and look pretty, too.

Assorted roasted mushrooms: Chef Maxey uses hen-of-the-woods, trompette royal, baby shiitake, and abalone mushrooms in his assortment. He roasts them in olive oil on the stove until they are golden brown. They are finished with minced chives, minced shallots, salt, pepper,
and butter.

Sweet potato puree: Chef Maxey roasts Red Jewel sweet potatoes until they’re soft, then peels them. He passes them through a food mill to get the puree smooth. He adds butter, salt, and pepper, with whole milk to thin the consistency. They are seasoned with nutmeg, and garnished with minced chives.

Roasted Brussels sprouts: The bottoms of the sprouts are trimmed, and then each sprout is cut in half vertically. Next, they are tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then roasted cut side down until tender and golden. They are garnished with chopped cooked bacon, which offsets the slight bitterness of the vegetable, and enhances its sweetness.


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