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Jennifer Chininis on Fashion

By Jennifer Chininis |

I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard the phrase, “You have the best job.” If I did, I’d have plenty of money for those to-die-for YSL black patent platform heels or the sleek silver Prada envelope bag. And I’d probably have enough left over for a gorgeous Givenchy dress  and flirty Loeffler Randall butterfly coat. While there are certainly times when my work is stressful and frustrating (hey, it’s still work), I have to admit that it’s not a bad gig if you can get it.

Here’s why: I work with an amazingly talented group of people. This is our second issue of D Fashion, and, once again, I have to gush. Style director Stephanie Quadri—someone we all turn to in times of fashion crisis—produced two shockingly chic yet very different features, “Smooth Criminals”, inspired by notorious outlaws (and lovebirds) Bonnie and Clyde, and “Mono Mode”, which showcases dramatic designer looks in monochromatic hues. Stephanie is the reason why I know exactly where I’d spend my funny money, because she and the equally stylish Alexis Pond bring us fall trends that translate to the Dallas sensibility—like the playful “Top Hats”, which celebrates a Dallas woman’s way of pulling off a statement-making accessory.

In this issue we also meet people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to shape the Dallas fashion scene, from model-turned-producer Jan Strimple to F.I.G. marketing director Marlene Fogarty. Did you know that costume designer John Ahrens painstakingly restored some of Balenciaga’s breathtaking gowns for the Meadows Museum exhibit earlier this year? Or that the energy of our fair city made designer Abi Ferrin ditch LA to open up shop here?

I still get excited about what’s happening in this town—especially if it means we all get to look better because of it. We are Dallas girls, after all. We live to look good.

All the best,

Jennifer Chininis
Executive Editor

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