Why We Love Winetails

Wine as a cocktail? we were skeptical when master mixologist Alex Ott of Ecco Domani approached us about demonstrating his vino-based creations in the comfort of our corporate kitchen. And we’re glad we listened to him. Instead of mixing the predictable sangria, Ott’s “winetail” recipes satisfied the snobbiest oenophile in our group.

On the lighter, refreshing side: the Domani Limonata (with peach and guava juice) and Ecco Freddo (a Pinot Grigio base laced with muddled watermelon). Both would be easy recipes for your next party. Whip up a large amount in bulk and garnish when guests arrive.

For another simple winetail, try the Dolce Domani, made with Merlot, lime, and sugar. If you’re trying to impress a date, rely on the Ecco Cioccolato (Chianti, raspberries, sweet cocoa, and cream). It’s decadent but worth the calories.

The best reason for drinking winetails is that, according to Ott, “You can have six or seven winetails instead of just two or three martinis.” Who doesn’t like that?


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