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What Will Sarah Dodd Do Next?

Now that the former reporter left her gig at CBS Channel 11, we run the odds on the next career path for the wife of Police Chief David Kunkle.

The Guess: Dodd, who is planning to take the LSAT, graduates from law school and becomes a prosecutor (heavy on the “cute”), eventually unseating District Attorney Craig Watkins. Pros: This sounds like the best episode of Law & Order ever. The husband arrests the crooks, the wife throws the book at them, and then they meet up for a romantic dinner just before the closing credits. This needs to happen. Cons: None for us. For Dodd, a few years of law school, a few more doing grunt work for the DA’s office, and then the glamorous life of prosecuting some idiot who started a pot farm next door to the Dallas Police Academy. Odds: 5–1

The Guess: Dodd, realizing the obvious potential, decides to raise a slew of good-looking kids who either make the news or report it. Pros: Kids are cute and precocious. For instance, the other day, our 3-year-old son smiled and asked, “Daddy, where’s my freaking blue blanket?” Adorable. Cons: Later, our “adorable” son woke up at 4 am, stomped down the hall, and got in bed with us. We weren’t able to fall back asleep. Sarah, get out while you can. Odds: 3–1

The Guess: Dodd, after sitting around for a year or so exploring her options, gets back in the game with a vengeance, exposing corruption on a grand scale in literally every business, organization, and neighborhood association in town. Pros: She already knows how to do it. Plus, adding Dodd to a lineup that already includes Heather Hays and Megan Henderson? That’s a force to be reckoned with. Cons: Mike Doocy gets “handsy” in the cubicle area. Odds: 7–1