Seared Scallops with Open Ravioli

Seared Scallops with Open Ravioli
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Large day boat sea scallops are caramelized in a sauté pan over medium high heat—three minutes on one side, two minutes on the other. Then they are removed from the pan and sprinkled with fine sea salt. “Day boat” refers to the boats that leave in the morning and return to sell their catch the same day. The quality of all seafood is largely determined by freshness.

The foam is made with carrot juice, blood orange juice, orange flower water (can be found at many pastry supply stores), and lecithin, which can be purchased at health food stores. Blood oranges have a flavor much like a grapefruit, which compliments the carrot juice. The foam is made using an immersion blender. It should rest for two minutes before using so extra liquid can settle out of the air.

The ravioli is made in house with a mixture of durum wheat semolina and wheat semolina, eggs, and egg yolks. The filling is a mixture of diced carrots, julienned mint leaves, onion sofrito (a base for stews and sauces in Spain and Italy), fresh peas, honshimeji mushrooms, and harissa paste (a Morroccan pepper paste). Cook until peas are tender.

To make cumin oil, combine toasted cumin seeds, olive oil, and grapeseed oil in a pot over lowest possible setting, and infuse for one hour. 


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