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Texas Caribbean Foods

Texas Caribbean Foods scores a ringing endorsement for it Key lime pie.
By Teresa Gubbins |
photography by Kevin Hunter Marple

Texas Caribbean Foods would rate an automatic yes if for no other reason than it does jerk chicken; not many places around here do. But owner Jan Gore, who first gained fame for making turkey legs at the State Fair of Texas, gives plenty more reasons to love it, from its cozy location next to the Opening Bell coffeehouse at South Side on Lamar lofts, to its bright, colorful atmosphere, to the warm, homemade quality of her food. You see it in little touches, like the freshly chopped red pepper in the small side salad. Try her Jamaican patties: flaky turnovers filled with beef, chicken, or the vegetarian version with cabbage, onion, and carrot, served with a side of her peppery, creamy jerk sauce. Yes, yes. 1409 S. Lamar St. #11. 214-485-7040.

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