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Trendspotting: Mall Food Courts

By D Magazine |
Malls Chairs Fave Restaurants Bonus Attraction Seen Overheard
NorthPark Custom designed, NorthPark won’t give cost Which Wich, Original Soup Man Compluvium (yeah, we had to look it up, too) Nannies feeding
toddlers with
Burberry bibs
Cuando lleguemos a casa, me bañaré.”
Shops at
Willow Bend
Services Inc., four styles, $165-$270
Chick-Fil-A Play area EDS systems
analyst yakking on
his BlackBerry
“The TPS report
indicates synergism between low-hanging fruits.”
Stonebriar Wesnic
Services Inc., three styles, $70-$115
Sbarro Carousel,
ice skating rink
Wife, husband,
five kids, all wearing Tommy Hilfiger
“You know, honey, we could afford 1,000 more square feet if we moved to Prosper.”
Town East Wesnic
Services Inc., $75
McDonald’s Mesquite Mustachioed man
wearing pressed
Wranglers and
NASCAR t-shirt
“Finish your McRib. My ankle monitor goes off in 10 minutes.”
Parks at
Services Inc., $75
Sonic Carousel,
ice skating rink
Sam Houston High School students in baggy pants “You got some tater tot stuck up in your grillz.”

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