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Cooking Sardinian Style

By Nancy Nichols |
photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Efisio Farris owns two restaurants (Arcodoro & Pomodoro in Dallas, and Arcodoro in Houston) with his brother Francesco. In his spare time, Efisio and his wife Lori run a Sardinian gourmet food import store ( Somewhere in between all of his endeavors, he has managed to write Sweet Myrtle & Bitter Honey: The Mediterranean Flavors of Sardinia, an intimate cookbook about his family’s passion for food. Efisio and Francesco grew up on the eastern coast of Sardinia in the small town of Orosei, where they pulled fresh seafood from the ocean less than a half a mile from their home. Their family restaurant, Su Barchile, was where they learned to cook. Efisio’s book elevates Sardinian cooking to regal status. After all, cooking Italian is so ’90s. Startle your next dinner guest with a savory seafood stew, or perhaps a roasted eel. Live a little. Cook a lot.