Review: Extreme Pizza

The silly name conjures images of Red Bull-stoked Gen Yers bungee-jumping off brick ovens amid a chorus of “Dude, that’s so deep dish!” Actually, the most “extreme” this Preston Center pizza joint gets is a Park Cities housewife celebrating her latest shoe purchase (“Babs! Jimmy Choos at 10 percent off!”) with extra Cheddar on her veggie pizza. Unfortunate name aside, Extreme Pizza’s pies are a tasty and creative lot with a chewy crust and crispy bottom. The Holy Cow, with its blend of fontina, Swiss, Gorgonzola, and mozzarella, is dotted with roasted walnuts and fresh-cut sage. With no overly zesty tomato sauce to get in the way, the soothing richness is a cheese lover’s dream. Carnivores will head for the Everest: Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami, and beef meatballs. Mr. Pestato Head (again with the names) is a flavorful meatless offering of pesto, new potatoes, red onions, feta, and basil. In fact, Extreme’s veggie options generally outshine their meatier siblings. Peace In the Middle East pie, complete with hummus, olives, and feta, is a fave. Extreme Pizza also offers calzones, subs, and a list of impressive fresh salads.
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