Snap Judgments for April 2007

After its inaugural December/January issue, DFW Dog magazine was put down. Guess we’ll never know the answer to the burning question “Cats & Dogs Living Together?” Nevertheless, something amazing happened in the failed publication’s wake. A letter from operations coordinator Kim Martinez arrived in the mail informing us that DFW Dog was “refunding the balance of your subscription,” all $14.95 of it. This never happens in publishing. So not only is a thumbs-up in order, but also a wag of the tail and a lick of the face for such kind service in a dog-eat-dog business.

For months TXU told the public Texas needed—absolutely had to have—11 new coal plants to keep pace with our growing energy needs. Then a planned buyout for $45 billion by the private equity firms Texas Pacific Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts is announced, and suddenly, no, Texas doesn’t need 11 new coal plants. It only needs three. Shame on TXU for lying to us. If three is all we needed, why shoot for 11? Why position our future on its bottom line, since the 11 plants would have spewed 78 million tons of carbon dioxide, by one advocacy group’s estimate. We guess, for $45 billion, even truth can be bought.


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