Don’t blink or you’ll drive right past Eden, a little-engine-that-could-style restaurant on West Lovers Lane. From the kitchen in the small house located across from Celebration, chef-owner Karen Kahn serves home-style items that range from a roasted hen with a gentle plum sauce to a darn good shrimp Creole. But thanks to an alert D Magazine reader, we learned about Kahn’s scrumptious sage burger: a patty scented with peppery sage is covered with melted feta and Swiss cheeses and served on a toasted bun. It’s an extraordinary collision of tastes—and a bargain. Along with a choice of sides such as soup, mushroom artichoke salad, composed salad, or homemade potato salad, it costs only $8.95. It’s a quaint place to relax and sit back with a bottle of wine. Just be sure to bring your own. 4416 W. Lovers Ln. 972-267-3336.


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